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is located at 61 Main street NIVERVILLE,MB. it is privately owned by certified computer technician kade babiak. compufix solutions is proudly canadian and was launched in 2016 after many previous years of computer related ventures. he started with repairs / services and misc. computer jobs for friends, family, businesses and referrals. after several years of being consistent it started to take off.

so in 2016 kade started taking things to the next level. He has dedicated his time and effort, and is constantly working and learning to provide the best computer services he can. kade has served many people over the years and has a great reputation in south-east manitoba. take a look at the compufix solutions facebook page to see previous work done and the great relationship he builds with his customers.

kade has a passion for computers and technology which puts him at the top of the game. kade is a critical thinker and combined with meticulous thought out strategies and years of experience he is able to explain to his customers the services or repairs provided with a clear picture giving the customer peace of mind and clarity. furthermore compufix solutions offers unmatched services and prices that you can only get from local support. kade gets up everyday to solve computer problems and has fun doing it. Give us a try, let us help !

This is kade babiak, and i approve this message !

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